Second week at Salgado

 So, my second week as a praktikant at Salgado is coming to a close! I thought in this post I would give you a quick insight into something I’ve been involved in each day this week, like a little diary.


On Monday morning we had the first ever “Saltmöte” – a creative brainstorming meeting that brings the whole Salgado team together to share ideas and make sure that we have plenty of imaginative suggestions to bring to clients! I helped Erika, one of Salgado’s new stars, to come up with the concept for the meeting, so it was fun to see it in practice – including lots of shocked faces when people who are usually glued to their Macbooks were expected to write down their ideas with real life pens and paper…


On Tuesday the nonprofit organisation Star of Hope launched a new campaign called #HungerVanish, using an intriguing video from popular illusionist Reza to encourage supporters to donate school lunches for children in Haiti. Salgado supported Star of Hope with consulting around the project and I’ve been contributing to their social content around the launch. Take a look! 


On Wednesday I joined Daniel and Joakim in Stockholm to sit in on a training session on social media for B2B companies. It was interesting to hear their insights into the different ways of using social platforms to build relationships with other businesses and to hear what the attendees were hoping to get out of the session. It was nice to see one of them, a self-proclaimed social media “skeptic”, coming around to the idea of the social media revolution after Daniel’s convincing pitch!


Among other things, yesterday I got to use my native English to sense-check a speech that Joakim was giving to welcome the new students of Uppsala University. It didn’t go down very well when I suggested changing the word “nebulous”, which had apparently been included for the very valid reason that it sounded like something out of Harry Potter. This task also gave me a great excuse to share this classic YouTube video with the office – hopefully Jocke’s speech lived up to it!


Today I enjoyed planning some content in English for a client – which included writing copy on a tricky subject and learning my way around the photo editing software Gimp – as well as treating myself to a tasty frozen yoghurt from the nearby Svava shopping centre!

In summary, this week I’ve been learning a lot but I also feel like I’ve also been able to contribute and add something to the team, which is just what I had hoped for from my praktik. Watch this space for an update on week 3!

Until next time, Helen