Praktik week 9: Next steps

Since I skipped over last week’s Friday update in favour of sharing some Facebook news, I haven’t yet shared an exciting announcement from Salgado HQ: I won’t be disappearing after my 12 weeks are up!

I had heard from pretty early on in my praktik that Salgado was keen to employ me, but it was a case of figuring out whether it was possible and what the details of what my job would be. Now, happily, the figuring out has been done! Once my praktik ends I’ll be staying on in a part-time position, working with content creation and data analysis.

I’ve been really enjoying my time here and the projects I’ve been working on (and getting to know the fantastic team!), so it’s exciting to know that I’ll be sticking around.

To get myself acclimatised to working with analytics, which is a little outside of my previous experience, I’ve been working with some statistical reports this week. I enjoy digging into data just as much as coming up with creative ideas, so I’m really looking forward to getting to grips with this new area of work.

In other news, last Thursday my talk about working with social media in my previous job finally rolled around, and it went quite well – other than some prolonged technical problems about halfway through that caused a bit of embarrassment! It seems like I might be repeating the performance for MedieTorsdag next week, so fingers crossed things go a bit more smoothly then.

Last week I also celebrated my first year in Sweden – a great excuse to get everyone from the Salgado office down the pub on a Tuesday night! It feels like perfect timing to be marking that milestone just as I’m starting to build my Swedish career.

That’s all for this week – until next time!