Praktik week 4: Snapchat and salt meetings

Hello again! Helen here, bringing you all the latest from the fourth week of my praktik. Today I thought I’d keep it alliterative and talk about Snapchat and the mysterious “Saltmöte”.

On Wednesday morning I was lucky enough to sit in on Daniel and Jocke’s Snapchat workshop. The session dealt with how to use the app, why it’s such a key platform for reaching a young audience, and how businesses can leverage Snapchat for their marketing goals.

The workshop was aimed at a beginner level, with the promise of “sending your first snap” included in the event listing. I’ve had Snapchat installed for a few months and was pretty confident that I knew my way around it before the workshop – although being not terribly young and hip, very few of my friends use it, so I hadn’t spent much time there.

During the workshop Daniel mentioned the “button theory” that explains why children can learn their way around new technology much quicker than adults. Adults want to know what a button does before they press it, the theory goes, while children will press a button to find out what it does.

Well, one thing I learned on Wednesday is that there’s no escaping the fact I am well and truly an adult. There were a number of features on Snapchat that I never knew existed or didn’t fully understand simply because I hadn’t dared to press the button.

On the bright side, thanks to the workshop I now feel much more confident about my Snapchat skills and have been gleefully snapping, scribbling, sending, and keeping up with stories all week. I noticed that everyone else in the group seemed to get a real confidence boost as well, and it was great to see what they produced for their “first snap” to send to Daniel and Jocke. You can see my beautiful creation below!

Snapchat Salgado workshop

Another great success story I wanted to share is the “Saltmöte”, a new initiative that started shortly after I joined Salgado, overseen by Erika with a little help from me. It’s a creative brainstorming meeting where the whole Salgado team gets together to share ideas for any clients that need a little something extra. Salgado means “salty” in Portugese, so we thought the name of the meeting should reflect everyone getting to add a little of their “saltiness” – hence Saltmöte!


Even just three Saltmötes in, everyone seems to agree that the idea has been a great success. Here’s how it works…

  • A project manager identifies a client they want to talk about
  • Erika sets an alarm for 2 minutes
  • Everyone jots down as many ideas as they can think of on post-it notes
  • After the time is up, a 3 minute timer is set for the project manager to quickly look through the notes and discuss any that sound interesting (or confusing!)
  • They collect in the notes for future reference and we move on to the next client…

This way everyone gets to come up with some creative ideas for all kinds of different clients, in a completely “prestigeless” environment, and all with lightning-speed efficiency!

So here’s to many more Saltmötes – and snaps – to come!

Until next time,