Hi! I’m Helen



Hej allihopa!

There’ll be a new face around Salgado HQ from the middle of August… and a slightly unusual accent.

My name is Helen and this summer I’ll be starting an internship/praktik at Salgado. I’m from the UK, and in October last year I decided to pack up my life in London and move to quiet, quaint Uppsala with my Swedish partner.

Let me explain how I ended up as Salgado’s latest praktikant. After completing Svenska För Invandrare in April, I came across a course called Korta Vägen. As the name suggests, it aims to provide a shortcut into the world of work for degree-educated foreigners. Korta Vägen combines an intensive language course with a 12 week praktikplats, giving participants that all-important first taste of life in a Swedish workplace. With the help of an yrkescoach, I was lucky enough to land the opportunity to intern at Salgado.

In London, I worked in the communications team at a national charity which supports women and children escaping domestic violence – an incredibly rewarding job.  I was working across all areas of communications, but developing the organisation’s social media presence was a special focus. Over three years I built an online community from the ground up – from 400 followers to an engaged audience of 25,000.

So I’m really excited to start working with social media strategy at Salgado! I’ll be using my native English to contribute to international projects as well as helping out wherever I can with other clients. I can’t wait to meet everyone and get stuck in!

See you next week!